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Santa Fe Wool & Supply Co.

Eco and Animal-Friendly Wool and Fiber Art Supplies

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Santa Fe Wool & Supply Co. sources Eco and Animal-friendly fiber art supplies for Fiber Artists who want to lower their environmental impact.

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SFW is also committed to sourcing sustainable effect fibers, and looking for better ways to be creative, while still supporting the environment.



"My mission is to educate, empower, and encourage fiber artists to create consciously. Together, we can make a difference. Now go... make something marvelous!"

- Karen Waters, Owner


I only source from suppliers who are eco-conscious, dye their wool using Oeko-Tex 100 standards for non-toxicity, and buy from farms that support non-mulesing of sheep.

I believe that being a good steward to our planet and her inhabitants starts right here at home. My own eco-friendly practices include recycling/re-purposing, composting, solar power, rainwater collection (for wet felting, try it!) and using eco-friendly and re-purposed packaging for shipping your orders.

And, in an effort to #breakfreefromplastic, I’ve changed my packaging and eliminated almost all single-use plastic bags.

The future depends on the choices we make today. I’m delighted that you’ve found Santa Fe Wool, and hope that you’ll join in the simple idea of being kind... to each other, to the animals, to the planet, and ultimately…to ourselves.
— Karen
Karen Waters, Owner

Karen Waters, Owner

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