Rolling Kit for Wet Felting

Rolling Kit for Wet Felting



Let's start with the Self-Gripping Straps because they may just be my favorite part of this kit. No more fighting with wet knots! Just pull with one hand and they're off!! And, they're just as easy to put on because they stick to themselves. You can even stick two together to make a longer strap. They have a very strong hold and because they are flat, won't interfere with what's happening inside your roll.

Non-perforated poly bubble sheets to get you started with gentle rubbing, rolling and tossing. Great for delicate projects but can also be used for really any thickness of feltwork.

The tulle is great for keeping your design in place while rolling. Can also be used prior to rolling when first wetting and rubbing the wool, again helping to keep your design in place. Also great for laying over a project that's too wet, so you can use a sponge or towel to soak up the excess without disturbing your layout.

Bamboo mats are generally used to speed up the felting and fulling process, and when it's time to get more aggressive. They can be used alone, or in conjunction with a thin sheet of plastic, depending on how delicate your project is. They are particularly helpful with thicker projects, or ones that require a resist, such as purses, slippers and vessels.

And lastly, the Foam Roller. This is what I've used for years for my wet felting. I personally like the 2" thickness, particularly for smaller projects, but I use it for my large vessels too. It's hollow inside, but it's firm enough that I've never found that to be a problem. (I've been using the same ones for years now and they still look like new.)

Items included: 

  • One Bamboo Rolling Mat, approximately 20 inches wide x 19 inches long. (Mat has rounded sticks for smooth rolling.)

  • One Foam Roller, 20 inches long, 2 inches thick

  • One Nylon Tulle, 20 x 24 inches (not pictured)

  • Two Poly Bubble Sheets (non-perforated), 20 x 24 inches

  • Two Self-Gripping Straps, each 20 inches long (black or white depending on what's in stock)

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