Resist Pattern for Wet Felting

Resist Pattern for Wet Felting

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Resists are used for making 3-dimensional wet felted objects that start out flat. The resist keeps both sides of the wool from felting together, so you have a hollow space inside, say for a purse, hat or slippers. 

This foam resist can be cut into any shape and can be used over and over again. I even save the bits I cut off to use as resists for little pockets or design elements. You can even duct tape shapes together for a variety of sizes and shapes, and then go back to using the original shapes again! (Think large circle + small rectangle on top = vase.) 

I find that duct tape sticks well to this, despite it getting wet and having the heck rolled out of it!  But, it also releases easily when I want it to, and if I accidentally cut into the resist when I am removing it from my project, I just mend it with duct tape and use it again and again. Tough stuff!

TIP: Keep your corners rounded or the sharp points will poke holes through the wool.

Description: Polyethylene Foam Resist, 1/8 inches thick

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