Butterfly Shears

Butterfly Shears


One Item: 6 inch Rustic Butterfly Shears with large handles. Can be used left or right handed.

I absolutely love using these for, well... just about everything!

They're very versatile, and I particularly like using them at my shipping station. I can even cut silk with them for nuno felting one day, and then soft copper sheet metal the next!

They slice through pre-felts and they'd also be great for cutting armature wire for needle felted animals, or even trimming their little whiskers. ==^u^==

Apparently I could go on and on, but I'm telling ya, I really dig these scissors!! (Which is exactly why I decided to sell them... kind of like everything else I sell. lol)

NOTE: Use Caution... They're made of high carbon steel and they're seriously sharp, so be sure to keep them out of harms way from children and pets.


SHIPPING: I ship Monday through Friday, with the exception of holidays.

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